La Fosse is starting to wake up from several miserable months weatherwise ready to welcome springtime. And what a difference a few days makes. From the wet, windy, misty days of the past several weeks, now we are blessed with a bright blue sky, and warmth from the sunshine.

It doesn’t take much for nature to grab hold of the available opportunity.
We have seen buzzards soaring on the thermals and calling to each other, smaller birds flitting from tree to tree and singing outside our kitchen door.

Daffodils have suddenly sprung into life, their golden flowers taking their place alongside the ever faithful snowdrops.

But how can you top the sheep families soaking up the sunshine, at peace with the world.

Our lambs arrived early this year with the first two (Joseph and Gabriel) arriving on the 23rd December. Quite unexpected but a wonderful surprise. We now have 6 strapping lambs with their mothers and 4 lambs that we are raising on bottled feed.

What a difference a month makes – from 4 little rejected lambs in the study to keep warm!! to 4 strapping lads, full of character and naughtiness.

One more to go now – Dawn feeling very pregnant and uncomfortable – come on Dawn

Who would want to change a thing? Ask me again tomorrow after our challenge of erecting a new polytunnel. Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!