This week has been a busy week in so many respects with a number of things coming together to reach fruition.

Our Facebook page, and web-site are up and running. This has been a labour of discovery as I have tackled setting up our URL (, designing and writing the website, taking the necessary photographs and finally getting the sign-off from Tony!!

We also have had an unexpectedly lovely link in, a website which is aimed at cyclists enjoying the many lovely long distance bicycle routes that run throughout France. Two run really close to our home. The Velofrancette (Ouistreham to La Rochelle) runs through our village, so within a kilometer of La Fosse. The Veloscenic (Paris to Le Mont St Michel) crosses a main road just 10k from us. We are looking forward to welcoming cyclists to our home.

We have a Bantam hen sitting on nine eggs. She has decided to brood them in a bucket half way up the hay stack!! As hatching time draws ever closer we are considering how best to protect the young chicks from falling out of the hay, how to bring mum and babies down to a place of safety and how to integrate them with the rest of the adult chickens. It’s all fun and games.

On Sunday I am due to fly to the UK to meet up with Vicky and Kathryn and then fly on to New York. This is my wonderful Christmas present from the children – how lucky am I. We are off to see Hello Dolly on Broadway and probably take in a baseball match. I’m sure there will be hours of walking if we want to take in all the New York has to offer the three of us over four days. I am expecting to be exhausted but happy at the end.

Reflecting on the week ahead has made me think of the number of times we do the right thing but perhaps in the wrong place or the wrong order, a bit like the bantam, but that with a helping hand things work our OK in the end – a bit different but OK.

Watch out for photos of chickens and skyscrapers